LAM SpA offers a wide range of fabrics, from light to heavy see through materials, obscuring materials, smooth or textured, and plastic materials.
All LAM SpA’s fabrics are top quality, mostly made of synthetic fiber.
Colours most widely offered from LAM SpA are black or grey, but other shades and colours are available, depending on the customer’s needs and required volumes.
The fabrics offered by LAM SpA also meet the regulations needed from the requesting sector (eg R118).

Art. 78

Art. 100

Art. 110

Art. 115

Art. 120

Art. 125

Art. 130

Art. 145

Art. 150

Art. 151

Art. 155

Art. 160

Art. 170

Art. 180

Art. 195

Art. 200

Art. 205

Art. 210

Art. 220

Art. 230